FREE Live Online Workshop

If you’re tired of having to say "No" to your favorite activities because of your Back Pain, this Free Online Training is for you!


...Even if you're worried you might get injured again.


Join me for my FREE Live online training: Unlocking Back Pain With Movement to discover the 3, science-based reasons your back pain keeps returning, AND how you can start resolving it RIGHT AWAY. 


P.S. This program is interactive! You'll practice actual movements and exercises during the workshop so you can feel the difference LIVE!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

Movement Heals 

How to use common everyday movements (and a few new ones) to help ease your back pain on the spot

The Nervous System 

How the nervous system plays a more important role in your back pain than you realize, and what you can do about it

The "Subtle" Core 

The critical and subtle movement(s) your core needs to "learn" for better back health (It’s NOT a bunch of planks or more strength training)

Safely Resolve Your Back Pain For Good Using Gentle Movement And Exercise,

And Confidently Return To Your Favorite Activities.


When it comes to back pain,

Do Any Of These Sound Familiar...


  • You’ve stopped going to the gym because every time you start to exercise, you seem to hurt your back
  • You've done a ton of exercises to strengthen your back (and your core) and they don't work.
  • You’re turning down invitations for fun activities because you’re afraid you’ll hurt your back
  • You struggle with managing your weight because you can’t stay as active as you used to
  • You put up with back pain while exercising because being an active person is your identity
  • You’re starting to think back pain is an inevitable part of aging


You don’t have to feel this way!

I’m going to change everything you thought you knew about back pain.

Hi, I’m Amanda Harris, Exercise Physiologist and Medical Exercise Specialist.

After 25+ years of doing this work, and being on my own personal journey with back pain, it’s my view that we have been looking at back pain all-wrong, not only failing to address the cause of the pain we currently have, but setting ourselves up to have more pain in the future.


I’ll walk you step-by-step through the science of why back pain returns, and take you through some key first steps in resolving your pain for good. This is the foundation for the method I’ve used to resolve my back pain and help countless others resolve theirs.


Note: This program is appropriate if you have been discharged from physical therapy or medical care, have low-level chronic back pain, and have been cleared for exercise by your physical therapist or physician.