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For The Person Still Struggling With Low Back Pain Even After Physical Therapy



A healthy back starts with efficient movement…not fitness. 


Lack of variety of movement in our modern lives gives rise to poor postural habits and muscle imbalances which inevitably lead you back to back pain. Read on to see how you too can re-train your body to move efficiently and without pain!


With results like these...

“Working with Amanda has kept me healthy and free of the back pain, it's the same stuff my jealous team mates constantly complain about.”

"As a sports medicine physician, I am particular in getting the best care for my patients. Amanda has returned them to independent, self-managed fitness lifestyles."

“I was in chronic back pain for years! After working with Amanda, I now have hope for a future with less pain and improved function.”

It’s No Wonder Clients Are Raving About My Unique Approach To Resolving Back Pain!

Life without back pain is true freedom: freedom to move, to do and to be.

You know that back pain robs you of that freedom. It creates stress and irritability.

It makes you feel older than you are, and question your ability to do things you’ve always enjoyed.

At the root of your recurring back pain are faulty movement patterns that were likely around long before you originally hurt your back.


You’ve cultivated them over decades of avoiding pain and compensating for weaknesses you didn’t even know you had. 

They continue to haunt you, even after you’ve been discharged from good physical therapy. These are old movement habits that have been programmed in your nervous system and reinforced with lots of practice. They are unconscious and completely reliable. It’s just how you move.

You might think: PT should have fixed that! But think about it. PT is great for reducing pain and improving function in the short term, but it can’t ultimately fix your back because you’re not a car! You’re a complex organic being with a highly adaptable nervous system. A nervous system that senses pain, and alters how you move in the attempt to protect you.

Your Nervous System is the one calling the shots–ordering your muscles to move in a particular sequence to complete a specific task.

You can attempt to strengthen a muscle that’s been “unplugged” by the Nervous System as much as you want, and still not change the Nervous System’s control over how much and when it fires.

You don’t have a muscle problem; you have a Nervous System problem!




When people with recurring back pain finish treatment: physical therapy, chiropractic, and even injections, many go right back to doing what they were doing before. The golfers return to golfing, runners return to running, and workout enthusiasts go back to the gym. They work in their yards and around their homes. And if you’re doing this, you risk your back pain returning with a vengeance!

Or worse! Mistake #2…

They curb their activity out of fear of their back pain returning, and find themselves stiffer and weaker as they sit more and move less. And this leads to huge amounts of frustration when the pain returns “for no apparent reason!”)

In both cases, they have not addressed the muscle imbalances or movement habits that caused their back pain in the first place, and so it returns. And then they hop right back on the merry-go-round of doctor visits and physical therapy, hoping that THIS time their back will finally get fixed! But they’re missing one crucial thing:

Ultimately, it’s not about “fixing” the back at all. 

It’s about restoring healthy movement patterns at the Nervous System-level, and then maintaining a variety of movement in your daily life.


Resolving back pain is a long game.


You’re probably thinking you really want to get off that merry-go-round, and just get on with your life!

Who Has The Time...

to commit to another lengthy exercise program on top of everything else…and for the rest of your life?

Well… I certainly don’t! And the best part is, you don’t have to either. Reprogramming movement takes only about 20 minutes per day—or less! Consistency is the key to success!

And don’t worry: if you have an exercise class, program, or sport you’re eager to return to, your reprogramming exercises make a great warm-up or preparation for activity! They require no additional equipment, and can be done almost anywhere!


- I mean…isn’t it worth 20 minutes a day to have a pain-free back? 



The truth is, your situation is unique to you. Your body responds to your situation in its own way—in all likelihood, differently from someone you know who has the same diagnosis or a similar history.

But the Nervous System behaves in some predictable ways.

Whether you have scoliosis, a history of disc injury or even spinal surgery, your recurring back pain is coming from faulty movement patterns, that are being directed by your Nervous System. Period.

The trick is:

1. To get you moving better in the areas that should move more

2. To stabilize/control the places in your back that move too much

3. To reactivate the muscles that should be holding you up so you can make them stronger


  •  Being able to say “yes” to your favorite activities without the fear of back pain returning
  •  Completing yard work or housework without feeling “you got away with something”
  •  Understanding what to do if you find yourself sore or stiff after activity
  •  Feeling confident to move in your body again





My complete, step-by step, proven system to resolve back pain using gentle movement and exercise

  • Over 70 instructional videos with step-by-step plan to progress
  • 10 Weekly Zoom Coaching Sessions to take a deeper dive into each lesson + Q&A
  • Direct Access to Amanda Harris, Exercise Physiologist and practice owner
  •  3 Progress Assessments so you can see how you’re doing at the beginning, middle and end of the program
  •  30-day Money-Back Guarantee: If you have done the work, and are not satisfied, get 100% of your money back!

It’s time to put an end to back pain and step back into your life! Just like some of my past students did.

Unlock My Back Pain

Snap Shots Of My Work:

"For years, I've been hard on myself, wishing I had addressed my chronic lower back pain earlier..."

"...and wondering why all the strength training I did at my local gym only seemed to make matters worse.

These lessons are foundational, and I have hope for a future with less pain and improved function during my retirement. Retraining makes so much sense.”

Donna Hopkins, Retired Physical Therapist

"As an athlete and a realtor, working behind a desk many hours a day..."

"...I could easily fall into major and consistent back pain.

 Working with Amanda has kept me healthy and free of the back pain that my teammates constantly complain about.

I have extended my potential for many years by working with her and highly recommend her for those looking to stay healthy for the long term.”

Scott Andrews, Realtor & Ultimate Frisbee Athlete

"I came to Amanda because I would frequently re-injure myself and thought it was due to just being and feeling very Old..."

"...The thing is, I had resigned myself to a life of managing pain.

I am here to tell you at 62, I have never felt better! In 2022, I ran 14 races and hiked over 1000 miles with my 2 dogs.

I never thought I would be doing these types of activities, much less breaking my own personal records (at 62!)” 

Ellen Davis, Retired Teacher, Endurance Athlete


What you need to know first to set yourself up for a pain-free back!

Get to know your body, and why it’s in pain. In this section, we take a deeper dive into how movement goes bad, and why your Nervous System responds by locking down some muscles and super-charging others.

Don’t worry: there won’t be a test. But it’s helpful to know where your pain is coming from and why…so you can better interpret and address it.


Learn how to put your body in the best alignment to re-balance, re-activate and re-connect

Over time, poor postural habits can contribute to muscle imbalances that cause back pain. Learning where your major joints need to be in order for the muscles to work properly, is the first step in re-training the nervous system.In fact, we often hear that just returning to neutral position decreases people’s back pain!


Proper breathing and abdominal activation is critical in eliminating back pain!

Learn how and why the way you breathe affects your back, and how to improve it!

You’ll also learn how to properly activate your deepest abdominal wall, along with the surrounding musculature, to stabilize and control motion at your lower back.

You will use this strategy throughout the program and beyond. In fact, you may find that it becomes a habit you employ when you do any physical task!


Let’s get you moving better in your stiff places.

At this point, you may be eager to jump into stability exercises, but pump the brakes! We must start with mobility first!

Stiffness in specific areas, especially your ankles, hips and upper back, can lead you to compensate with extra movement in your lower back. And that’s bad!
In fact, it’s one of the big reasons pain tends to return after rehab! You go back to your “normal life,” and your stiffnesses return. And then your pain returns.

Learn how to address those stiff spots, and keep them moving- not just throughout this program, but throughout your life!


Once you’re moving better, it’s time to stabilize!

In this section, we’ll introduce basic lumbar stability exercises, making use of your Breathing & Abdominal Strategy (from Lesson 3.) You’ll learn how to control motion in your lower back, while moving your legs, and eventually your arms. These exercises are delivered as a progression. The beauty is, that you can progress some exercises, even if you need to keep others more basic. This program is made for you, so you can work at the level that suits you best in any exercise.


Now it’s time to hold yourself up!

Once you’re moving better in your once-stiff places, and you have basic control of your lower back, it’s time to focus on your pelvis. The buttocks muscles are the largest of the pelvic muscles, and are meant to support the weight of the trunk.

When they don’t work well, you’ll compensate with tight thigh muscles, hip flexor (front hip) muscles and lower back muscles. In fact, if your back feels especially stiff and tight, one likely reason is that your glutes aren’t working properly.

As with lumbar stability, you will have several levels of pelvic stability exercises, with progressively more challenging exercises being dropped over several weeks. However, you can progress at your own rate for each exercise—be sure to work at the level that suits you best.


Build your Activity Preparation Plan

Success 🙌 is never an accident, so in order to ensure your long-term success, we need a plan! 

 Using the notes you’ve been making in your journal, as well as the results of your latest self-assessment, we’ll build a success plan to keep you going beyond the program.

This plan is your plan, and can be fluid; you can substitute exercises as you learn new ones, or as different needs arise.

 The important thing is to have a plan to work from, so you can keep your back healthy for years to come!


If you’re like most who have read this far, you’re likely starting to see the possibility of what reprogramming your nervous system for healthy movement will do for your life. But you’re also probably imagining struggling through some tedious, boring rehab-type exercises that you’ve seen, and even done before.

But here’s a little secret for you:


When you know the goal of the exercises, and do them correctly, they feel challenging (and you know they’re working!)


Because the source of the problem is in your Nervous System, no amount of fitness training will solve it. If you return to fitness too soon, you will wind up strengthening your compensations, which just results in more pain, and…

back on the merry-go-round you go.

The bottom line is…


Using precisely graded movements and exercises to replace faulty movement patterns with healthy, efficient, and pain-free movement is the most effective way to eliminate recurring low back pain.


And, the key to maintaining that healthy back is to continue to practice a variety of movements, including your favorites from the program, daily for years to come!


The best part is, you have access to this program for life- so you can replay, reference and refer back to your favorite videos whenever you want!

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How can you ever expect to enjoy activity without back pain over the long term, without first re-programming those defective movement patterns that led to your pain in the first place?


The answer is, by employing specific exercises that reprogram your nervous system to replace faulty movement patterns with healthy, efficient ones.


In fact, using precisely graded movements and exercises to replace faulty movement patterns with healthy, efficient, and pain-free movement is the most effective way to eliminate recurring low back pain.

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