"Re-Wire" your Lower Back and confidently resume fitness training and your active lifestyle without risking re-injury.  

If your Physical Therapist or Physician released you to normal activity, and nagging lower back pain is still creeping into your life...keep reading. 
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Re-Wire your  fundamental movement patterns and experience less pain. 



Resume your fitness training and active lifestyle without risking re-injury.


Programming available whenever and wherever you'd like.



Easy-to-remember movements support your back health for years to come. 


You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. If you're not satisfied, get your money back! No questions asked.

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Here are some details about the Master Class.


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Our Growing "Re-Wired" Community


I have had osteoarthritis for almost twenty years. Because of my ever increasing pain, loss of mobility and strength, I found myself slowly giving up... Luckily, I found Amanda.

-Patricia Martin-Nelson, Bon Air, VA


After Week 1, I can already see gaps in my knowledge of my back pain. I didn't fully understand how important (and why) breathing is so integral to deep spine control. Now that I have a more complete understanding, I'm all in!

-Donna Hopkins, Fredericksburg, VA


I had lived in chronic pain for almost four years and was recovering from two recent back surgeries. Amanda helped me with a series of exercises that safely and gradually triggered all of my muscles (not just the big ones.) 

-Britney Wampler, Midlothian, VA

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No pills, no fancy gimmicks, just gentle exercises and movement and you can confidently resume your active lifestyle.


  • Finally understand why you continue to experience low-level lower back pain, (especially after an injury or a surgery site has healed.)
  • Safely reintroduce movement and exercise into your life.
  • Re-Wire your back to be healthier, more mobile, more efficient, and more sound for years to come. 



  • A 10-week progressive movement and exercise plan that includes over 60 instructional videos. ($300.00 Value)
  • A complimentary 20 minute Zoom consultation with Amanda Harris, M.Ed., MES, RAS, to ensure this is appropriate for you, answer questions, and troubleshoot challenges that are unique to you. ($75.00 Value)
  • 3 Self-assessments to track your progress at the beginning, middle and end of the program. ($25.00 Value)
  • A downloadable Program Journal to help check your understanding, track your progress, and to keep you motivated. ($25.00 Value)
  • A 100% hassle-free refund if you are not happy with the program.
Total Value: $425.00
But, you’ll get access today for just: $197.00
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